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Coshocton Tribune: Leasing What Lies Beneath

By Paul Golden

The future potential for a significant increase in oil and gas exploration in Coshocton County has local landowners searching for information to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the entire process from drilling, leases, environmental concerns and more.

Many meetings and informational opportunities have been conducted locally by various groups, organizations and landowners associations. OSU Extension has been part of this process as a research-based source of scientific information.

The most interest is coming from landowners who have not leased their oil and gas rights and are seeking information that will protect their short-term and long-term interests. Deciding whether to lease land for oil and gas development is not a decision that comes easily. Many options must be considered to protect family rights and land, according to Rural Action of Ohio.

The Rural Action group, comprised of Ohio State University Extension, Ohio Farm Bureau, and Appalachia Ohio Alliance, is the working organization of the Look Before You Lease group. All the organizations have a history of working with landowners in Appalachian Ohio.

Look Before You Lease began looking at oil and gas issues facing landowners in Ohio, particularly around newer technologies such as horizontal hydraulic fracturing and private landowner leases.

The group has developed a landowner-friendly lease example that offers explanation and insight regarding the purpose and the reason various clauses are important and included within the document. This sample lease is available as a starting point.

The sample lease is intended to be used as an educational tool only.Working with a qualified attorney will help negotiate a landowner-friendly lease. There are many oil and gas companies currently working in Ohio. Select one that sees the property owner as a valued stakeholder in the project.

Visit www.lookbeforeyoulease.org website to review the landowner tool kit, sign up for electronic updates, or order a CD version of the tool kit. In early 2012, three recorded webinars (video presentations via the internet) will be available on the website. The webinars will be an additional resource to understand the information contained in the sample lease.

Redistribution of this sample lease is permitted and encouraged, so long as the lease remains intact and includes the approved cover letter. For information, contact Rural Action, P.O. Box 157 Trimble, Ohio 45782, attention: Look Before you Lease, or call 740-767-4938      .

Paul D. Golden is an extension educator for the Ohio State University Extension Coshocton County.


Link to Article: http://www.coshoctontribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2012203030305 

Public Event in Vinton County: The Process & Impacts of Horizontal Drilling and Leasing Farmland for Oil

Vinton county OSU Extension and Vinton County SWCD are hosting a meeting on The Process & Impacts of Horizontal Drilling and Leasing Farmland for Oil 2/22/12 in McArthur. If you have not seen Chris or Clif present, you may want to attend this meeting. They do a fantastic job covering the basics of Hydraulic Fracturing, Leasing Information, and what they have learned from Eastern Ohio and from colleagues in Pennsylvania. Reservations are required.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012
6:30-8:30 PM at the Community Building in McArthur 31935 State Route 93
Leasing farmland for oil & gas production is experiencing a revitalization.
Speculators and land brokers are attempting to secure leases of large blocks of
land. Leasing and drilling activity is expected to increase in our area.
This educational workshop has been developed to help landowners better understand
an Oil & Gas Lease, the process and the impacts of drilling.

Clif Little, Extension Educator, Guernsey Co.
Chris Penrose, Extension Educator, Morgan Co.

Call OSU Extension, Vinton County (596-5212) or
Vinton SWCD (596-5676) by February 17th
This program is for educational purposes only.

Dec 07 – 6:00pm Public Service Presentation to Examine Oil and Gas Leases in Southeast Ohio

There will be an informative presentation to discuss landowner-focused oil and gas leases in Southeast Ohio on Wednesday, December 7 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The event will be held at Athens High School Cafeteria, 1 Highschool Road, The Plains, and is free and open to all.

Paul Feezel of Carroll Concerned Citizens will discuss point-by-point guidelines to ensure genuine property protection. Information about how gas drilling leases can affect property use and value will be provided, and attendees will learn about the oil and gas drilling process and the affect it can have on a community.

Jen Bowman, Environmental Projects Manager at the Voinovich School at Ohio University, will speak about the potential sources of contamination that can occur during the drilling operations as well as the importance of testing private water sources such as wells and springs prior to shale gas and oil exploration. “It is important for folks to realize that there are not regulations in place to test water prior to drilling, during or after,” says Bowman. “In the case of surface and/or groundwater contamination, scientifically-defensible water quality testing results are needed prior to drilling to prove cause and effect from the drilling operation.”

Contact Rachel Hyden at rlhyden@gmail.com for questions, or visit http://www.lookbeforeyoulease.org for more information.