Marcellus and Utica Well Status Links

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ODNR: Main web page to select PDF & Excel files are located here …

 ODNR: Weekly Well Status is  located here …

ODNR: ALL wells are listed here ..

ODNR: Reports are located here ……

Under the “1. Menu” section – select one of these

a) Completions (ODNR Unit Acre & Production Unit Maps)

b) County Engineer’s (Google map location)

c) Permit & Plug List (Google map location)

Under “2. Search” section – enter your criteria then  click “Report” button



The “ODNR Unit Acres”  map is only the minimum drainage acres not the Production Unit!

The actual Production Unit is usually posted near the end of the Fracking Process.

Laterals 1H, 3H & 5H go North West

Laterals 6H, 8H & 10H go South East

Typically,  the well will appear on the County Engineer’s Report first.

One response to “Marcellus and Utica Well Status Links

  1. Great sources of information. I especially like the continually updated information on shale wells.

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