Journey On Earth Video – Battle for Wetzel County

The link below is a short movie about Wetzel County, WV just a short drive from many of us here in Ohio. I had the opportunity to visit some of these sites a couple weeks ago through a tour organized by the Sierra Club. We will work to get another tour organized, But in the meantime please see the video below. The scale and the density was very eye opening. They have 38 well pads and multiple compressor stations in a 28 square mile area. They also currently have about 140 wells permitted, but not all drilled yet largely through Chesapeake.

Excerpt from the site:

“In the mountains of rural West Virginia, it’s a modern day gold rush. Breakthroughs in technology are allowing gas companies to tap a resource hidden deep in the earth, but at what cost? In this episode of Journey OnEarth, we’re in Wetzel County to see how the Marcellus Shale energy boom is devouring precious resources locals have depended on for generations. Journey OnEarth follows correspondent Roshini Thinakaran, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, as she reports about the people most impacted by pollution, oil spills, and toxic chemicals, as well as the communities coping with climate change across the country. BATTLE FOR WETZEL COUNTY is the 3rd installment of an 8-part short documentary series called Journey On Earth”

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