Upcoming Event: Shale Gas: Is Responsible Development an Oxymoron?

November 2, 2011
7:00 pm
Bentley Hall 124, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Nov 2, 2011 Event PDF
Shale gas has been called a game
changer in the search towards
cleaner-burning fossil fuels, energy
independence and economic security.
But concerns regarding ground and
surface water contamination, harmful
air emissions, toxic chemicals used
in frack fluids, wide-spread ecosystem
disturbance and drains on community
services and infrastructure, among
others, are legitimate grounds for

Before the nation forges
ahead with wholesale leasing and
development, including in
environmentally or culturally special
places, we must ensure that
development occurs responsibly in a
manner that minimizes risks to the
greatest extent possible.

This talk will discuss models for state and
federal regulation, as well as best
management practices, that can and
should be employed to protect human
health and the environment from the
myriad impacts associated with
hydraulic fracturing and will raise the
question of whether minimizing risk
is sufficient, or whether, in certain
places, drilling should not occur at all.

Ohio University
Institute for Applied and
Professional Ethics Lectures


Elizabeth Paranhos Consulting Attorney,
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Law Consultant,
deLoneLaw, Inc.

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