Cunningham Energy to hold meetings this weekend – LB4UL encourages landowners NOT to sign leases on the spot.

Cunningham Energy, an O&G business out of Charleston, WV is holding meetings this weekend in Athens, Marietta, and Cambridge. Their advertisement (see below) states that the first 100 landowners who sign a lease with them will receive a free gift.

Look Before you Lease encourages landowners to not sign on the spot. If you are interested in hearing about Cunningham’s plans to move into Ohio, and learn about their offer, that is one thing, but please remember:

  • You should have an oil and and gas attorney work with you to develop a lease that favors you – the landowner (that means reviewing any all all offers from a company).
  • From our experience a companies first offer is usually not their best offer.

What we have heard through the grapevine is that they are probably interested in drilling two exploratory wells in the area. They have partnered with a larger firm out of Toronto to help them move into Ohio and into the Marcellus and Utica Formations

Click to see Cunningham’s Ad

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